The humble, meek, merciful, just, pious, and devout souls are everywhere of one religion, and when death takes off the mask, they will know one another though the diverse liveries they wear here make them strangers.

William Penn

Quakers is the shorthand term fot the Religious Society of friend, which was founded as radical Christian movemment in 17th century England. Today, Quakers come from all walks of life and continue to uphold a progressive religious approach.

We hold Meeting for Worship, when we come together in silence and try to open ourselves to the deeper levels of our experience. We have no paid clergy to lead or interpret our spiritual life and it is open to anyone who feels moved by the spirit to make a spoken contribution.

Where we meet together

The Prague Meeting is an international Quaker fellowship gathering in the city centre near the I. P. Pavlova metro station. We gather on Sundays from 10am to about 2pm. Our worship includes singing Quaker songs, silent worship, potluck lunch and education for adults. On odd Sundays in the month, there is usually no afternoon program and we finish at about noon. Children are very welcome, we usually organize a program for them during the meeting for worship and then there is a well equipped playroom.

On Thursdays from 17:30 to 19:00 we meet at the same place for Experiment with Light meditation. Contact person is Roman Branberger, romanbra@volny.cz (English, Czech), phone: +420 603 430 430.

The meeting on 8th October will be held outside of Prague. More information: pavel.marusinec@freemail.hu or 728 700 867


Kateřinská 21, Praha 2

Contact person
Pavel Marušinec
English, Esperanto, Hungarian, Polish or Czech
+420 728 700 867

Meetings in Pilsen are hold monthly excluding Summer time. Dates in 2017: 15.1. - 19.2. - 19.3. - 16.4. - 21.5. - 18.6. - 18.9. - 16.10. - 20.11. Meeting place is Unitarian Church Plzeň, we gather on Sundays grom 10.30 to app. 14.00. There is a possibility to stay overnight in Dobřany (15 min from Pilsen).


Tomanova 3, Plzeň - Bory

Contact person
Kristýna Matějková
Czech, English, Spanish, Hebrew

Contact address

Čeští kvakeři, z.s. IČ: 054 36 664
V Šáreckém údolí 281/54 Dejvice, 160 00 Praha 6 CZ
e-mail: kvakeri@post.cz

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